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We have a dream of building a strong and wealthy city and we will work relentlessly and dedicatedly to fulfill this dream.

We are determined to build a professional civil service through public sector development. Our civil servants are talented, dynamic, ethic, courageous and we are responsible for our operation to the Party and the People. We keep our promise to the People and we will sacrifice for the common cause. We comply with the law and follow the guidance of the Party. Our mission is serving and respecting the People, under the monitor of the People. We think for the People and care about their affairs. We focus on enhancing unity within the Party. We work for the People and work to reinforce the faith of the People to the Party.

This is our strong determination, a sacred promise to the Party and the People of Da Nang by the spirit of so many generations who have sacrificed on this land for the national liberation cause. It is our commitment to the People and our next generations. It is also the belief and the most practical action that we want to celebrate in this solemn and meaningful day.

(Excerpts from the speech in the 30th Anniversary of Da Nang Liberation Day (3/29/1975 - 29/3/2005) presented by Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh - Secretary of Da Nang Communist Party Committee, Chairman of Da Nang People's Council, the Head of Da Nang Parliamentary Representative).

1. The process of establishment:
- Organizing Committee of Da Nang city People's Committee was established in Decision No. 11/QD-UB dated 03/1/1997 of the Provisional People's Committee of Da Nang city. On 10/12/2004, Da Nang City People's Committee issued Decision No. 159/2003/QD-UB about renaming the Organizing Committee of Da Nang city government into the Department of Home Affairs of Da Nang city. In 2008, Religious Board and Board of Emulation - Reward were merged to the Departement; transfer function of State management of archives from the city People's Committee Office to the Department of Home affairs. In 2011, according to the common, the Department established Youth Enhancement Division.

2. Our Functions:
- Da Nang Department of Home Affairs is a specialized agency of Da Nang People's Committee, whose functions are to consult and assist the People's Committee in managing the affairs of the city including: organizational structure; personnel, civil service reform; local government; administrative boundaries of the officers; state civil servants; communal civil servants; association and non-government organization; Records and Archives; religion; emulation - commendation.
- Da Nang Department of Home Affairs is subject to the direct and comprehensive management of Da Nang People's Committee, as well as the direction, guidance and inspection about operation by Ministry of Home Affairs.

3. Duties and Authorities:
- Duties and authorities of Da Nang Department of Home Affairs are stated in Circular No. 04/2008/TT-BNV June 4, 2008 of Ministry of Home Affairs guiding the functions, duties, authorities and organizational structure of Department of Home Affairs of the city and Department of Home Affairs of the People's Committees of provinces and districts.

4. Organizational Structure and Personnel:
a) Department of Home Affairs has a director and several deputy directors appointed and dismissed by the Chairman of the People's Committee. The director has to report and is held responsible for the operation and results to the People's Committee and Ministry of Home Affairs. The Deputy Directors assist the Director in carrying out a number of tasks assigned by the Director and are responsible to the Director for the tasks assigned.
b) Structure of the Department include: 
* Professional Services:
- Office;
- Inspection;
- Personnel Organization;
- Cadres and Civil Servants;
- Civil Service Reform;
- Local Government;
- Record and Archive Management;
- Youth Enhancement;
* The units of the Department perform state management functions:
- Committee of Religious Affairs;
- Committee of Emulation - Commendation.
* Other units under the Department:
Based on specific situations, the Director of Department of Home Affairs asks for approval from the City People's Committee to establish other units under the Department as prescribed by the law. 
c) Personnel:
- Based on the workload, the nature and specific characteristics of different sectors, the Director of the Department of Home Affairs asks for approval from the Chairman of the City People's Committee for decision on personnel of the Department.
- The appointment of civil servants and employees of the Department must be based on job location, position, standards and ranking structure of civil servants, as prescribed by the law.


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